“The song of birds in ivied towers;
The rippling play of waterway;
The lowing herds, the breath of flowers;
The languid loves of turtle doves.
These simple joys are all at hand
Upon thy shores, O Lazyland!”

Utopia, Limited
The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company’s Production of

Utopia, Limited or The Flowers of Progress

April 8 to 24, 1988

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Utopia, Limited Program


Stage Director: Donna Carroll
Music Director: Carolyn Davies
Artistic Director: Wendy Evans

Director’s Note

Utopia, Limited is one of the least-performed of all the Savoy operas and will probably be entirely new and unfamiliar to most of you.  Its music is charming and spirited, and you may catch one or two musical references, including one “borrowed” by Sullivan from his own work.  In this opera, the subject of parody is civilization itself, and the libretto presents an unusually large number of distinct characters, each satirizing a specific aspect of Western society.  The plot is less a cohesive drama than a series of clever vignettes, and we hope you’ll find our production amusing and entertaining.

Donna Carroll

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