The Mikado 2013

July 13, 14, 2013

Over the years, the Company has become very used to performing our Lake Harriet Bandshell concerts in the face of bright sunshine and baking summer heat.  It was a pleasant change, therefore, when the skies were slightly overcast with the temperatures almost twenty degrees lower than usual.  Cast members were actually surprised to see audience members in sweaters and some covered in blankets during the Saturday performance!

The concert performances went very well.  Despite smaller numbers than usual, the chorus was strong and the principals’ performances were solid, delightfully done with some very funny business.  The crowds were quite enthusiastic, rising both evenings to standing ovations! 

The cast for this concert production of The Mikado included:

The Mikado Christopher Michela
Nanki-Poo Michael Burton
Pooh-Bah Waldyn Benbenek
Pish-Tush Thomas Berg
Ko-Ko Zach Garcia
Yum-Yum Quinn Shadko
Pitti-Sing Julia Knoll
Peep-Bo Missy Griffin
Katisha Lara Trujillo

Women’s Chorus

Mary Mescher Benbenek,  Kirsten Bighia,  Willow Bousu,  Marlene Doll,  Karen Erickson,  Mary Gregory,  Shawn Holt,  Lenny Lovitt,  Holly MacDonald,  Carol Paulson,  Jo Pasternack,  Brianna Sullivan,  Margaret Sullivan,  Rhea Sullivan

Men’s Chorus

L. Peter Erickson,  Clyde Gerber,  Stephen Hage,  John Orbison,  Eric Pasternack,  Jonathan Proctor

Production Manager

Waldyn Benbenek

Rehearsal Accompanist and Music Coach

Jean Van Heel