“Thank you, gallant gondolieri!
In a set and formal measure
it is scarcely necessary
to express our pleasure.”

The Gondoliers
The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company's Fifth Anniversary Production of

The Gondoliers or The King of Barataria

February 24 to March 11, 1984

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The Gondoliers Program


Stage Director: Barbara Bloom
Music Director: Timm Rolek

Director’s Note

In their last successful collaboration, Gilbert and Sullivan worked from June to October to create a comic opera of bright colors, high energy, and lighthearted appeal.  The Gondoliers is a good-natured satire on the ideals of social and political equality.  Its lessons are as meaningful today as then, and are told with the convivial spirit of intrigue and fun as only Gilbert and Sullivan can do.  The music is more allegro than andante, and there is very little dialogue, making The Gondoliers, in comparison with the other works, longer in text but not in time.  These tempos lend themselves to more movement, and dance is more prominent. When The Gondoliers open to “great success,” the Daily Telegraph observed that it “conveys an impression of having been written con amore.”  We present our version with love, and hope it succeeds to entertain and give you as enjoyable an experience as it has given us.

Barbara Bloom

The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company’s fifth anniversary production of The Gondoliers was featured in PM Magazine, a weekday news program of the Twin Cities CBS affiliate, WCCO, Channel 4.


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The Gondoliers 1984 Show Poster

Show Poster

“Then one of us will be a Queen,
and sit on a golden throne,
with a crown instead
of a hat on her head,
and diamonds all her own!”

— Gianetta
The Gondoliers