Ruddigore and More: A Very Light Cabaret

Ruddigore and More a Very Light Cabaret

February 29 and March 1, 2020

The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company’s fifth cabaret, “Ruddigore and More: A Very Light Cabaret,” was a promotion for the company’s upcoming production of Ruddigore.  It also featured songs from the company’s 2021 production of The Sorcerer.  Both evenings concluded with the singing of “A Paradox” from The Pirates of Penzance, in celebration of Frederic’s 41st birthday on the 29th of February!

The cabaret was held on Saturday, February 29th and on Sunday, March 1st.  Both performances were held at Honey, in northeast Minneapolis.

It became clear from comments made by those in attendance that the cabarets have clearly built an audience that enjoy the cabarets as much as our main stage productions.

The “Ruddigore and More: A Very Light Cabaret” cast included …

Joe Allen, Wally Benbenek, Jeff Erickson, Alexander Gerchak, Danielle Long, Adam Lowe, Anna Maher, Blanka Melbostad, John Orbison, Anthony Rohr, Seth Tychon Šteidl, Lara Trujillo and Cassie Utt …

… with Presenter Stephen Hage and the accompanists were Emily Urban and Jean Orbison Van Heel

The “Ruddigore and More: A Very Light Cabaret” Program, First Set

From Ruddigore

If Somebody There Chanced to Be

Sung by Blanka Melbostad

I Know a Youth

Sung by Blanka Melbostad and Jeff Erickson

My Boy, You May Take It From Me

Sung by Jeff Erickson and Adam Lowe

From The Sorcerer

Time Was When Love and I Were Well Acquainted

Sung by Joe Allen

Happy Young Heart

Sung by Anna Maher

Welcome, Joy!

Sung by Lara Trujillo and Wally Benbenek

Love Feeds on Many Kinds of Food

Sung by Anthony Rohr

My Name is John Wellington Wells

Sung by Alexander Gerchak

From Ruddigore

The Battle’s Roar is Over

Sung by Anthony Rohr and Cassi Utt

In Sailing O’er Life’s Ocean Wide

Sung by Anna Mahar, Adam Lowe and Seth Tychon Šteidl

The “Ruddigore and More: A Very Light Cabaret” Program, Second Set

From The Sorcerer

Now to the Banquet We Press

Sung by the Full Cast

Thou Hast the Pow’r Thy Vaunted Love

Sung by Adam Lowe

Oh, I Have Wrought Much Evil with My Spells

Sung by Lara Trujillo and Wally Benbenek

Alexis! Doubt Me Not / The Fearful Deed is Done

Sung by Cassi Utt

Oh, My Voice is Sad and Low

Sung by Joe Allen

From Ruddigore

Cheerily Carols the Lark / To a Garden Full of Roses

Sung by Danielle Long

You Understand? I Think I Do

Sung by Joe Allen and Anthony Rohr

I Once Was as Meek

Sung by Seth Tychon Šteidl, Wally Benbenek and John Orbision

My Eyes Are Fully Open

Sung by Jeff Erickson, Lara Trujillo and Wally Benbenek

From The Pirates of Penzance

A Paradox

Sung by Adam Lowe, Lara Trujillo and Wally Benbenek