H.M.S. Pinafore 1999

July 10, 11, 1999

During one of the weekend’s concerts, the children of some of the Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company members spent all of Act I drawing, with chalk on the pavement below the lip of the stage, an elaborate depiction of shark-infested waters, with the words, “Dick Deadeye, jump here!” inside the mouth of the biggest shark.  At the end of Act I, when Matt Dolph, as Dick Deadeye, was obliged to leap off the stage to escape the wrath of his shipmates, he kindly made a point of landing exactly in the mouth of the shark, to the delight of the children.

The cast for this concert production of H.M.S. Pinafore included:

Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B. James Ahrens
Captain Corcoran Waldyn Benbenek
Ralph Rackstraw Joseph Andrews
Dick Deadeye Matt Dolph
Bill Bobstay Scott Benson
Bob Becket Jeremy Bierlein
Josephine Zoe Carroll
Cousin Hebe Adena Brumer
Buttercup Lynne Hicks

Women’s Chorus

Mary Mescher Benbenek, Stephanie Brody, Melanie Cooperman, Michele Enderle, Diane Friebe, Mary Gregory, Sara Gustafson, Kathy Hering, Marcia Hill, Alyssa Lingor, Tamara Norden, Julie Seykora, Rhea Sullivan, Jean Van Heel, Patricia Ward

Men’s Chorus

Don Barbee, Peter Erickson, Roger Evans, Stephen Hage, Dean Laurance, Warren Loud, Kris Lysne, Richard Rames, Scott Sandberg, Dan Scymczak, Gordon Staff, Jim Streich, Craig Voegli

Artistic Director

Wendy Evans

Chorus Master

Steve Utzig

Dialogue Adaptation

Lesley Hendrickson