“Yes, I am a Judge!

And a good Judge, too!

Yes, I am a Judge!

And a good Judge, too!

Though homeward as you trudge,
You declare my law is fudge.
Yet of beauty I’m a judge.

And a good Judge too!”

—The Judge and Chorus
Trial by Jury
The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company’s 2015 Minnesota Fringe Festival Production of

Trial by Jury

July 30 to August 9, 2015

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Trial by Jury Program

Trial by Jury Cast


Stage Director: Lesley Hendrickson
Music Director: Marina Liadova

Director’s Notes

Trial by Jury was the only one-act opera Gilbert & Sullivan wrote together and the very first of the operas they wrote for D’Oyly Carte.  Their one previous collaboration, Thespis (1871), had only moderate success and had not been a pleasant experience for Gilbert.  With all the known copies of that score lost in a warehouse fire, today we have no way of knowing how good Sullivan’s efforts had been on behalf of Gilbert’s libretto.  At the time there seemed no reason why the two would ever join forces again.  Then, three years later Richard D’Oyly Carte needed a curtain raiser for his upcoming production of Offenbach’s La Perichole.  Gilbert already had a great little one-act to offer him, and the producer proposed that Sullivan set it to music.  It seems time is a great healer.  Less than three months later, Trial was a huge hit and is now the world’s most-produced English language one-act opera, not to mention the happy reboot of an immensely successful artistic partnership.

Lesley Hendrickson

Trial by Jury - Minnesota Fringe Festival

Felix Aguilar-Tomlinson as Edwin, the Defendant,
Steve Hendrickson as the Learned Judge and
Grace Lowe as Angelina, the Plaintiff

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Trial by Jury – Minnesota Fringe Festival 2015 Show Poster

Show Poster

Poster design by Tom McGregor and Mary Olson

Original artwork by Dennis Lo

Trial by Jury – Minnesota Fringe Festival 2015 Company Photo

Company Photo

“He shall treat us with awe,
if there isn’t a flaw, 
singing so merrily – Trial-la-law!
Trial-la-law!  Trial-la-law!
Singing so merrily – Trial-la-law!”

—The Jurymen’s Chorus
Trial by Jury