Gilbert & Sullivan: Their History and Legacy

Who are Gilbert and Sullivan and why do they still have such a loyal, enthusiastic following after over a hundred years?

To answer that question and many more about these two intriguing individuals, we invite you to review what has been written about them and their work together on the following recommended web sites.

Wikipedia has an excellent article that describes Gilbert and Sullivan as individuals, their remarkable work together, the legacy they created and its impact on popular culture, up to the present day.

The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive includes extensive information about W.S. Gilbert, including his plays, poetry and short stories, in addition to his work in light opera.  The site also discusses Sir Arthur Sullivan’s contributions, including his work in light opera, but also his other musical accomplishments in grand opera, chamber and instrumental works, anthems, hymns, songs and ballads.

We invite to you explore, learn, and laugh!

Sir Arthur Sullivan …

“I have a song to sing, O!”

—Jack Point
The Yeomen of the Guard