The Sorcerer

Family Guy

During the Company’s 2010 production of The Sorcerer, a cast member reported that one of the songs in the show was familiar to her as she had heard it performed on the Family Guy animated series.  Most were surprised that a song from a relatively obscure work, such as The Sorcerer, would find its way onto network television.  That indeed, however, was the case!  In season 4, episode 20, titled Patriot Games, the London Sillinannies sang and danced to The Sorcerer’s “If You Marry Me.”

The Incredible Umbrella and The Amorous Umbrella

Author and editor, Marvin Kaye, wrote two books The Incredible Umbrella and The Amorous Umbrella, in which the main character, J. Adrian Fillmore, finds an umbrella in a secondhand store that is labeled as having once been owned by J. W. Wells. The umbrella sends Fillmore traveling through Victorian literature and provides a fanciful view of the lives of Gilbert and Sullivan characters after the operettas.