A Message of Solidarity and Commitment

The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company stands in solidarity with all those speaking out against the murder of George Floyd, with the black community demanding justice, and with the protesters who are demanding change. We also stand in fervent opposition to our nation’s long history of racism, discrimination, and violence against its people of color, our friends, neighbors, and fellow artists.
The need for fundamental change that we face as a nation is great and it must begin with each of us. As a theater company, we produce work that aspires to bring about change in the way our audiences see the world. We resolve to speak and act with an increased commitment to change, so that as both a company and as individuals we contribute to the societal change that must happen at this time.
May we all be a part of making our community and ourselves contributors to the justice that we must achieve.
The Members of the Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company