Alternate Lyrics

The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company has enjoyed a long-standing tradition of celebrating our productions by singing humorous alternate lyric songs from the show to each other backstage before our Opening or Closing Nights or for any other occasion that strikes our fancy.

In addition, the company celebrates the close of every main stage production with a formal party, affectionately called The Last Gasp Cast Bash.  One of the highlights of this event is a mini-concert of humorous alternate lyric songs from the show.

While the alternate lyrics are often full of “inside jokes,” meaningful only to those involved in that particular production, just as frequently the humor of the lyrics is universal and can be appreciated by people from other Gilbert and Sullivan companies, those involved in theater, or by anyone with a good sense of humor!  We invite you to enjoy the sampling of our alternate lyrics songs in the pages that follow.

“And we find the change delightful!”

The Gondoliers