The Sorcerer ’10

Sung to the tune of “Oh, My Voice is Sad and Low”
Dr. Daly’s song from Act II
Written by James Ahrens
Performed by James Ahrens

 Now that you’re at the theater,
 You can call your mother later.
 Please don’t try to text your mate or 
       Anyone else.  Just turn it off.
 Please turn your cell phone off.
 Turn it off and please, don’t cough.
 Please turn your cell phones off!

Sung to the tune of “Thou Hast the Power Thy Vaunted Love”
Alexis’ song from Act II
Written by Holly Windle
This alternative cell phone song was not used in our production.

Yours is the power and yours alone
To block the intrusion of cell phone
       Upon our village green.
We welcome laughter or applause,
But phones that ring are truly cause
        For outrage and for fury keen.

So use this little song
        To keep from doing wrong:
Just turn your cell phone off;
        Stifle the urge to cough.

Enjoy the show!
Enjoy the show!