Backstage Friendship and Frivolity

Why do the members of the Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company work so very hard to stage wonderful shows for their audiences?  Because, of course, it’s fun!

After our performances, audience members have occasionally said to us, “It looked like you were having fun up there!”  Well, yes, we were … but it also would be true to say that we were having fun “back there” too… in other words, backstage!

As any performer knows, the backstage can be a wonderful place.  Everyone is “pumped up” with adrenalin, breathing in the “ozone” of the theater.  The backstage is where people can talk, laugh, and simply be a bit silly.  It’s also a place where great friendships can grow.  As much as we all enjoy being on stage, backstage can be a delightful experience too!

We invite you to share in a small sampling of our backstage friendship and frivolity!

“Though p’r’aps I may incur your blame, the things are few I would not do in Friendship’s name!”

—Lord Tolloller