Iolanthe 2002

July 13, 14, 2002

The cast for this concert product of Iolanthe included:

The Lord Chancellor James Ahrens
Lord Mountararat Waldyn Benbenek
Lord Tolloler Eric Mellum
Strephon Don Barbee
The Fairy Queen April Hanson
Phyllis Lori Barrett-Pagano
Iolanthe Sandy Schoenecker
Leila Sara Ochs
Celia Mary Gregory

Women’s Chorus

Susan Ahrens, Mary Mescher Benbenek, Stephanie Brody, Debie Feinwachs, Franny Gustafson, Kathy Hering, Vicki Hinrichs, Ari Hopstock, Lisa Horton, Kathryn Larsen, Jennette Lee, Holly MacDonald, Jennifer McDermott, Sandra Schoenecker, Julie Seykora, Ruth Staus, Margaret Sullivan, Rhea Sullivan, Jean Van Heel, Natalie Westreich

Men’s Chorus

Scott Benson, Jeremy Bierlein, Peter Erickson, Roger Evans, Stephen Hage, Paul Hardt, Dean Laurance, Warren Loud, Kris Lysne, John Murray, Eric Pasternack, Richard Rames, Scott Sandberg, Jim Streich

Artistic Director

Wendy Evans

Chorus Master

Steve Utzig

Stage Manager

Lisa Horton

Dialogue Adaptation

Lesley Hendrickson

Rehearsal Accompanist

Jean Van Heel

The following alternate lyric second verse of “Oh, Foolish Fay” was written by Holly Windle and performed by April Hanson, as The Fairy Queen, during our 2002 Summer Concert performance of Iolanthe, on the shores of Lake Harriet.

On fire that glows
    With heat intense
I turn the hose
    Of common sense,
And out it goes
    At small expense.
We must maintain
    Our fairy rule.
I’d even drain
    This limpid pool —
Of all the chain
    Of lakes the jewel.

Oh, lovely lake,
    Drown fervor’s flame and bury it.
Your waters drench, but cannot quench
    My passion great, Lake Harriet!