The Pirates of Penzance 2017

July 15, 16, 2017

The two concert presentations of The Pirates of Penzance took place on a typically sunny July weekend.  While it was quite warm, the temperatures didn’t keep people away, as there were an estimated 3200 in attendance for the concerts.

The company had held auditions for its fall production of Orpheus in the Underworld in June.  The turnout was overwhelming with a record number of people auditioning.  Some of the credit for the record numbers was attributable to the fact that the auditions were also open to people who were interested in joining us for the summer concert.  As a result, the company had a record number of people singing at the concert with fifty-eight principals and chorus on stage.

The cast for this concert production of The Pirates of Penzance included:

Major-General Stanley Thomas Berg
The Pirate King Waldyn Benbenek
Samuel Eric Sargent
Frederic Eric Mellum
Sergeant of Police John Orbison
Mabel Victoria Valencour
Edith Katerina Middeldorp
Kate Cassandra Utt
Ruth Lara Trujillo

Women’s Chorus

April Bailey, Mary Mescher Benbenek, Kirsten Bighia, Wen Bu, Laini Devin, Cynthia Dickison, Mackenzie Diggins, Marlene Doll, Shana Eisenberg, Karen Erickson, Molly Falnes, Claudia Finsaas, Morgan Gray, Mary Gregory, Allyson Hankins, Shawn Holt, Yuffie Hu, Rebecca Hunkins, Carrie Irwin, Karen Jollie, Kaitlin Klemencic, Mackenzie Kloempken, Julie Knoll, Kate Lamb, Sarah Leitzke, Jenny Lovitt, Katie Luisi, Holly MacDonald, Madison Neal, Jasmine Magner, Jo Pasternack, Katie Rogers, Brianna Sullivan, Rhea Sullivan, Brooke Wahlstrom

Men’s Chorus

Mark Alt, Thore Dosdall, L. Peter Erickson, Philip Eschweiler, Alan Fiene, Clyde Gerber, Stephen Hage, Jerry Kurek, Keith Luizzi, Eric Pasternack, Wendell Peck, David Peichel, Jacob Wellington, Jeffrey Wilkinson

Production Coordination

Waldyn Benbenek

Rehearsal Accompanists

Steven Norquist, Jean Orbison Van Heel

Chorus Master:

Jean Orbison Van Heel