The Mikado and More: A Very Light Cabaret

The Mikado & More: A Very Light Cabaret

March 1, 9, 2019

The second Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company cabaret was titled, The Mikado and More: A Very Light Cabaret. Intended as a promotion for the company’s upcoming production of The Mikado, it featured songs from that operetta as well as songs from its pending 2020 production of Ruddigore.

The cabaret was held on two separate weekends, on Friday, March 1st and Saturday, March 9th.  Both performances were held at Honey, in northeast Minneapolis.

Ironically, while the weather was relatively mild on the days before and after the cabarets, there were blizzards both evenings of the event!  Travel and going out for the evening was a challenge for many.  Despite the weather, however, the audiences who did attend were enthusiastically appreciative of the music and the cast member’s fine performances.

The Mikado and More: A Very Light Cabaret cast included …

Tyus Beeson, Tom Berg, Axl Dahl, Jeff Erickson , Philip Eschweiler,
Alex Gerchak, Doug Freeman, Steven Halloin, Alex Kolyszko,
Anna Maher, Maggie Matejcek, Sarah Mehle, Blanka Melbostad,
Maddie Olsem , Anthony Rohr, Sarah Shervey, Lara Trujillo,
Lydia Wilde

… with Presenters Stephen Hage and Anna Maher and Accompanists
Emily Urban and Jean Orbison Van Heel

The Mikado and More: A Very Light Cabaret Program, First Set

From The Mikado

Three Little Maids From School Are We

So Please You Sir

From Ruddigore

I Know a Youth

My Boy, You May Take It From Me

The Battle’s Roar is Over

In Sailing O’er Life’s Ocean Wide

Cheerily Carols the Lark / To a Garden Full of Roses

From The Mikado

Were You Not to Ko Ko Plighted

I Am So Proud

The Mikado and More: A Very Light Cabaret Program, Second Set

From The Mikado

The Sun Whose Rays

Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day

Here’s a How De Do

The Criminal Cried

The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring

From Ruddigore

My Eyes Are Fully Open

There Grew a Little Flower

From The Mikado

Tit Willow

There is Beauty in the Bellow of the Blast

I’ve Got a Little List