The Pirates of Penzance 2014

July 12, 13 2014

The weather didn’t look very good Saturday morning.  A patron emailed the company and asked what we intended to do if it rained.  Our brave response was, “If it rains, we still sing!”  Then, Saturday afternoon, torrential rain poured down and it looked as if it was going to be a very wet concert.

By late afternoon, however, the skies had cleared, the humidity had dropped and a pleasant breeze had dried away the rain.  The weather was perfect for Saturday evening’s concert.

The weather was even better on Sunday when an estimated 2500 people were in attendance, enjoying the beautiful evening and the delightful concert.

Both concerts ended with the appreciative audiences giving the company and orchestra a standing ovation.

The cast for this concert production of The Pirates of Penzance included:

Major-General Stanley         Jim Ahrens 
The Pirate King  Waldyn Benbenek 
Samuel  Tom Berg 
Frederic  Eric Mellum 
Sergeant of Police   Christopher Michela 
Mabel   Quinn Shadko 
Edith  Berit Bassinger 
Kate   Julia Knoll 
Ruth  Lara Trujillo 


Women’s Chorus

Elizabeth Ashantiva, Mary Mescher Benbenek, Kirsten Bighia, Maia Cornicom, Karen Erickson, Shawn Holt, Jenny Lovitt, Holly MacDonald, Carol Paulson, Kathryn Petri, Corey Soltis, Jean Orbison Van Heel

Men’s Chorus

Jim Brooks, L. Peter Erickson, Clyde Gerber, Stephen Hage, Keith Luizzi, John Orbison, Wendell Peck, Aaron Rolloff, Scott Strand, Jacob Wellington

Production Manager

Waldyn Benbenek

Rehearsal Accompanist

Steven Norquist, Jean Orbison Van Heel