“The flowers that bloom in the spring, Tra la,
breathe promise of merry sunshine.
 As we merrily dance and we sing, Tra la,
we welcome the hope that they bring, Tra la,
of a summer of roses and wine.”

The Mikado
The Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company’s Production of

The Mikado or The Town of Titipu

March 15 to 31, 1996

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The Mikado Program

Our production of The Mikado was dedicated to the memory of long-time company member, tenor Gary Siemers.


Stage Director: Lesley Hendrickson
Music Director: Carolyn Davies
Artistic Director: Wendy Evans

Program Note

You’ve claimed your seat and taken a good look at the set.  You check the program cover, maybe even glance at your ticket stub.  You’re in the right theatre – and, yes, this is The Mikado.  But where are the bonsai trees, the cherry blossoms (on vase and jar, on screen and fan)?  Don’t worry.  You’ve come to the right party.  It just hasn’t started yet.

Welcome to the manor house, circa 1912, where friends, family, and servants are gathering for a musical evening of their favorite Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.  We invite you to join us in a celebration of the very important social and collegial side of the Gilbert & Sullivan Very Light Opera Company.  We’re all in our “glad rags” and just about ready to unpack the kimonos, hand round the fans, and indulge in “joyous shout and ringing cheer, laughing song and merry dance.”  May the rapture be unmodified.

Lesley Hendrickson

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The Mikado 1996 Show Poster

Show Poster

The Mikado 1996 Company Photo

Company Photo

Photography by Daniels Studio

“If that is so, sing derry down derry!
 It’s evident, very, our tastes are one!
 Away we’ll go, and merrily marry,
nor tardily tarry till day is done!”

—Ko-Ko and Katisha
The Mikado