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Performing at the State Fair

Last summer the GSVLOC performed at the Minnesota State Fair.  We were part of a program called “Arts A’Fair” the purpose of which was to showcase the many arts organizations in Minnesota.  We will be part of that again.  

The Arts A’Fair performances are pop-up shows of about 10-15 minutes.  Each organization performs four of these in a day in a schedule that extends over about three hours.  This year each organization will get two days of these schedules. 

This year our dates and times of performance will be:

  • Friday, Septmber 1, 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Saturday, September 2, 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

You can choose to do either or both days. Whatever you choose, for the day or days you perform, you must plan on arriving at the performance site one hour before the first pop-up. That means that you must get to the State Fair and our site at the West End Center by 2:30. We will have a trailer for changing (if you need to) and keeping cool.

Last year the performances were series of  solos and small ensembles from the G&S cannon.  We intend to do the same again.  The selections in the segments will focus on songs from the upcoming season, that is Pinafore and Utopia.  We will also include other songs that we think are popular. (“Regular Royal Queen” is one that is well-liked.)

Each person who sings a solo or is part of an ensemble is expected to have that part memorized.  If a piece has a chorus part, the other singers form the chorus and they can read from music on stands.  There will be sound system.  The people that sing chorus for a given song will use a standing microphone.  The soloists and ensemble members had head sets last year and I expect to have them again.  That meant that head-set hand-off became an exciting exercise. 

Each person that participates will get a free entrance ticket to the State Fair for that day and a $10 food voucher.  

Here are some pictures from last summer.

The troop
Outside the trailer
At the Fair, under the blazing sun
Selfie outside the trailer

Here is link to the company’s page about last year. Click Here.

Here is a link to last year’s planning sheet and ultimate schedule (planning sheet).  It can give you a sense of what we will do.  Remember, there will only be two days this year.

Please let Wally Benbenek (waldynb@gmail.com) know if you are interested in performing.