Music Director – Patience

Music Director: Marina Liadova

Marina Liadova is very happy to be back as the Music Director of Patience, having worked previously with GSVLOC on Utopia, Limited and The Pirates of Penzance.  Marina grew up in Moscow, Russia and attended Gnessin School of Music for talented youth, where she was invited to teach after finishing college.  She was only 18 when she started teaching while working on her Graduate diploma.  She pioneered a Young Opera Troupe, where she created and produced over 20 original shows and commissioned several new operas, including King Matiush by Lev Konov.

When she moved to the Twin Cities, Marina began collaborating as a music director, conductor and pianist with local organizations among which are Park Square Theater, Theatre in the Round, Lakeshore Players and most recently The Moving Company.  Her orchestral studies led her to an esteemed German professor, Alexander Vitlin.  She also studied with such well known masters as Michael Charry, Ken Sheppard, Gustav Meier and Kenneth Woods.

Marina is a founder and Artistic Director of Lidia, Inc. – a classical music production company.  In 2009 Marina became Music Director and Conductor of the St. Paul JCC Symphony.

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