GSVLOC Company Annual Meeting 2019

Please plan to attend the company annual meeting.  It’s a great time. Honest!

The meeting will begin at Sunday, May 5, at 5:00 pm.  It will be held at the Benbenek household: 2052 Sheridan Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN. 55405, Benbenek’s House, the site of great festivities.

Plan to arrive a half hour early to get settled, pay dues, pour beer, etc.

There will be beer Beer Stein

There will be wine:wine glasses

There will be cheese:cheese

There will be non-alcoholic libation in liberal degree:gb

There will be marching topiaries topiary and understudy ferns:fern

These will be company business.  (Get a look at the slimy underside of amateur opera politics.)

A truly great time for all.

Be there.