Thoughts on the Company Performing McAdo

     On this page you may enter any comments you may have on the topic of the prospect of our company, GSVLOC, performing some version of The McAdo, that is,  a Scottish setting of The Mikado.
     The link to the “youtube” recording of the Gilbert & Sullivan  Austin production is here: Gilbert & Sullivan Austin McAdo.
     Be sure that you indicate whether or not your thoughts may be shared with the membership.  You may request that your input be shared only with the GSVLOC board and (if we produce The McAdo) the director. All submitted thoughts will be published on the member web site unless you push the button stating: “You may NOT publish my thoughts to the group.”  
All comments will be saved anonymously whether or not they are shared publicly.
     Thanks,  we hope to be hearing from all of you.

Please give any thoughts on the GSVLOC producing a version of The McAdo.