Ruddigore Spring 2022 Cast

The Principals

Seth Tychon Steidl – Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd … disguised as Robin Oakapple

Seth could not be happier to perform in his second production with the GSVLOC after 2016’s Iolanthe.  He will elect to consider 2020’s and 2022’s respective productions of Ruddigore as one in the same.  He has grown very fond of Robin over the past two years and will “very properly” lament following their inevitable dissolution.  Additional credits include Ashland Production’s Beauty & the Beast, Mamma Mia (Beast, Sam Carmichael), Eagan Summer Community Theater’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Quasimodo), and Artistry’s The Secret Garden (Dickon Sowerby).  When not performing on stage, Seth is either chanting at Saint Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church or spending time with his wonderful wife, Sarah.  See if you can spot her long beautiful red hair among the Chorus of Bridesmaids!


Sarah Wind Richens – Rose Maybud

Sarah’s first role with the GSVLOC was as Rose Maybud at the Lake Harriet Bandshell summer performance of Ruddigore in 2004, and she is very pleased to finally reprise it.  Over the last eighteen years, Sarah has played a fairy in Iolanthe (2004), Lady Psyche in Princess Ida (2006), Yum-Yum in The Mikado (2007), Nekaya in Utopia, Limited (2008), a townsperson in The Sorcerer (2010), Patience in Patience (2012), Julia in The Grand Duke (2014), Phyllis in Iolanthe (2016), and Princess Ida in Princess Ida (2018).  At the Lake Harriet Bandshell summer performances, she also had the opportunity to play Peep-Bo in The Mikado (2006), Mabel in The Pirates of Penzance (2008), Josephine in H.M.S Pinafore (2009), and Yum-Yum in The Mikado (2016).  In one of GSVLOC’s special performances, Sarah played Violetta Da Vinci in The Da Vinci Coda (2007).  In GSVLOC’s Fringe Festival show, Trial by Jury (2015), she played a floozy.  Sarah would like to take this opportunity to announce her retirement from the GSVLOC and thank her dear friends in the company for being such a wonderful theater family.  She also would like to note that this is a real retirement, not a Dean Laurance retirement.


Sarah Wind Richens

Paul Willis – Richard Dauntless

This is Paul’s first production with the GSVLOC, and he can’t express how impressed he is with this cast and production staff!  If you’ve been around the block, you may have seen him years ago with Mounds View Community Theatre in The Pirates of Penzance and Les Miserables et al, and he performed in many shows with various theatres and universities in the Cities before moving out east.  Since that time, Paul has written, directed, produced, acted, and sung in various capacities across Connecticut and Chicago.  For a time, he hosted his own improv team at a bi-weekly variety show in his artistic studio in Chicago called Book Club.  Paul has also produced and directed several short films (which can all be seen on his website).  He is, however, mostly known for being too busy due to ferrying himself frantically from work to rehearsal to bed to workday after day.  Paul is so excited to join such a sensational production!


Lara Trujillo – Mad Margaret

Lara appeared most recently in Joe Chvala’s production of Heaven, at Park Square Theater, in the role of Almira. She was also seen in the Ordway Theater’s productions of In the Heights, in the role of Camila and My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra, as well as at the Guthrie, with 7th House Theater Company, in The Passage, at the History Theater in River Road Boogie: The Augie Garcia Story and J.D. Steele’s Snapshots: Life in the City, at The Pantages in HAIR, as well as in productions with Minnesota Opera, Mill City Summer Opera, Theater Latte Da, Teatro del Pueblo, Lyric Arts Main Street Stage, Artistry and Mu Performing Arts.  Some of her favorite roles include The Witch in Into the Woods, Anita in West Side Story and Eva Peron in Evita.  Lara will direct and appear in Full Circle Theater Company’s production of Atacama, this spring, at Park Square Theater.  This is Lara’s eleventh appearance with the GSVLOC, having performed in previous productions of Iolanthe, The Yeomen of the Guard, Utopia, Limited, The Sorcerer, Orpheus in the Underworld and The Mikado.  This production marks her second … or third if you count 2020! … appearance as Ruddigore’s Mad Margaret.  Lara has also appeared with the GSVLOC and the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra at the Lake Harriet Bandshell, in concert versions of H.M.S. Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance and The Mikado.  She is immensely grateful to her husband, Stephen, and to her family and friends who continually offer her their love, support, and encouragement.


Joe Allen – Sir Despard Murgatroyd

A GSVLOC company member grandparented by byzantine bylaws, this is Joe’s seventh (eighth?) main stage production!  In the before-times you may have seen him onstage with Theatre Latte Da, Minnesota Opera, Lyric Arts, The Duluth Playhouse, Journey North OC, the Lakes Area Music Festival, or various regional, community, and Fringe venues.  Joe enjoys video and tabletop gaming; reading books, articles, and journals; backpacking, hiking, and camping; his bouldering and yoga practice; permaculture gardening/landscaping; robust conversation/debate; constant heartmind work, breath meditation, and therapy; politics of poverty, theology, and literacy; and constantly holding space for himself and those he loves to grow.  Joe lives in New Brighton with his partner, Kelly, their two remarkable daughters, and two fantastic cats.  A software engineer by day, this Joe-of-all-trades is most fulfilled when lending his body, soul, voice, and mind to a generative and creative process.  UP NEXT: Carmen with Minnesota Opera in April, Mizzy Mazzoli’s harrowing new American opera Proving Up with Journey North Opera Company in the Fall, and directing/co-producing a new play by Phil Holt in the Minnesota Fringe Festival if drawn in the lottery.


Deb Haas – Dame Hannah

Cast as a pirate (and understudy to Ruth) in The Pirates of Penzance at the tender age of twelve (her voice was lower than most of the males her age), Deb was bitten by the G&S bug too early to deny its siren song.  With “cat-like tread” she sought opportunities to express her inner battle-axe and was rewarded with the role of Katisha in the Saint Olaf College production of The Mikado.  The die was cast and Deb spent the following years pursuing her noble ambition, portraying spinsterish longing and desperation on stages from the United Kingdom to the United States.  This is her tenth show with the GSVLOC.


Scott Benson – Sir Roderic Murgatroyd

Thirty-two short years ago, Scott auditioned to be in Patience with the GSVLOC because they rehearsed near his house.  Several years ago, he moved.  How kind the GSVLOC was to accommodate him by moving its rehearsal space to less than a mile from his new home!  Scott has come to a point in his on-stage career where he’s actually close to the age of the characters he’s played since he was fourteen, when he played the town drunk.  Hopefully, playing a character in Ruddigore who has been dead for 10 years isn’t a bad omen.  By day, Scott is a lawyer and can confirm that “the law is the true embodiment of everything that’s excellent.”  Scott finally married in 2015, and even had music from Gilbert and Sullivan at the wedding … which seemed fitting given that he was marrying his comic foil from the 1990 production of Patience.  (In hindsight, the title of the show takes on special significance.)


Anna Maher – Zorah

This is Anna’s sixth-ish trip around Howard Conn with the GSVLOC.  She also serves as the Women’s Chorus Representative to the Board and helps produce GSVLOC cabarets.  You may also see her singing with Minnesota Chorale, Opera on Tap, and the Mystery Opera Theatre.  By day, she is a fundraiser and general patriarchy smasher for Planned Parenthood North Central States, and enjoys talking back at her cat, Mabel.  She would like to thank Sarah Wind Richens for generally being a goddess and fabulous G&S heroine role model.


Waldyn Benbenek – Old Adam

When Waldyn first did Ruddigore with the GSVLOC he spent forty-five minutes on aging make-up.  This is no longer required even to play a character called “Old.”  Waldyn first listened to Ruddigore well before the advent of digital media, when the hottest songs came on 45 singles with big holes.  These did not include songs from Ruddigore.  After a troubled youth of memorizing calculus theorems by singing them as patter songs, Waldyn washed up on the shores of Lake of the Isles.  He was one of the crowd that gathered in Dick Fishel’s basement over forty years ago to form the GSVLOC.  Since then he has been playing various dissolute parts in most of the operettas produced by the company.  He has also appeared around town in various fly-by-night productions, still playing drunks and villains.  He once spent more time dead on stage than alive.  He is married to fellow performer Dr. Mary Mescher Benbenek, and they have three children.  When one of them was asked his father’s profession, he replied “opera singer.”  When Waldyn challenged that, his son replied, “Well, I can’t tell them you’re a computer programmer.  That’s too boring.”


Cassie Utt – Ruth

Cassie is thrilled to be working with the GSVLOC family once again!  She will be reprising her role as Ruth from the 2020 production of Ruddigore.  Cassie was previously seen at GSVLOC as one of the Love Police in Orpheus in the Underworld, Casilda in The Gondoliers, among others.  She has performed locally with Skylark Opera Theatre, Artistry, Theatre in the Round, and with the Minnesota Chorale.  One of Cassie’s favorite recent roles was as Aldonza in The Man of La Mancha, at Mounds View Community Theatre.  She moved to Minneapolis from Ohio six years ago after getting degrees in Computer Science and Vocal Performance from Bowling Green State University.  Cassie is very thankful to have been welcomed into the GSVLOC family!


The Chorus

Mary Mescher Benbenek

Mary has performed with the GSVLOC intermittently for over thirty years.  She has graduated from playing a lithe, lovesick maiden and bridesmaid to a jaded townswoman and former bridesmaid who looks on, mostly fondly, to the chaotic happenings around her (although she is still lithe and dancing in her heart!)


Maggie Benham

Maggie is thrilled to be performing in her first show (for the second time …) with the GSVLOC!  She danced her way onto the stage from a young age performing often with the Pittsburgh Opera Company and Pittsburgh Symphony before moving to the Twin Cities to pursue a degree in Vocal Performance and Theatre at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul.  After having dabbled in G&S music in college performing as Mabel in The Pirates of Penzance, Maggie thought it was time to give this grand company a try!  You may have spotted her on several other stages in the Twin Cities ( for more!), but the GSVLOC certainly holds a special place in her heart.  When not gallivanting across the stage, you can find Maggie exploring the great outdoors with her partner-in-crime, Brandyn, and their small fluff of a puppy.  Much love to them both for supporting her lucrative career as a professional bridesmaid!


Jim Brooks

Jim has had the pleasure and privilege of performing with the GSLVOC chorus for the past twenty-six years.  He has performed in all of the Gilbert and Sullivan collaborations, but he is still hoping that the company will present a restaging of their lost operetta Thespis.  When not doing G&S, Jim performs with the Wild Goose Chase Cloggers and books most of the gigs for them as well as choreographing and calling contra dances.  He is retired as a math professor at Concordia University – Saint Paul and likewise reads exams for students with disabilities throughout the Twin Cities.  Jim’s wife, Judy, and daughter, Julia, have been faithful followers of the GSVLOC throughout the years. They tolerate Jim’s intense rehearsal schedule each spring, but always bring friends and acquaintances with them to enjoy the shows.


Kelly Danger

Kelly lives with her dashing partner, Joe Allen (Sir Despard), two spectacular daughters, and two predictably enigmatic felines in New Brighton.  Yes, her last name really is Danger, and no, she is not a superhero, nor villain.  This is Kelly’s second (and a half) appearance with the GSVLOC and she is delighted to be reprising her stunning portrayal of 3rd Soprano on the left from both the 2019 production of The Mikado, and the tragically truncated 2020 production of Ruddigore.  Other roles of note include, Athena the Android in Artificial (2019 Fringe), Tessie Turra in Gypsy (Lakeshore Players), Freddy Eynsford-Hill in My Fair Lady (Morris Park Players), the titular role in Mary Poppins (SACT), Woman-Who’s-Skirt-is-Too-Tight-to-Get-up-the-Stairs in Rhinoceros (TRP), and First Sea Otter in Mrs. Wilcox’s 4th Grade production of the original play, Sea Creatures of the Pacific Northwest (She totally got an A on that project and got to wear her friend Laura’s grandmother’s fur coat which was amazing, even though she still sort of feels bad for all those mink).  Originally from the Seattle area, Kelly is grateful for the shift in perspective and forced rest of the last two years, but couldn’t be happier to be treading the boards once again, and is particularly satisfied to be a part of the GSVLOC’s reclamation of Ruddigore from the clutches of the pandemic.  As always, thanks and love to Chris, Joe, Ayla, and Rue!


Rylan Dean

Rylan is overjoyed to be returning to this production of Ruddigore!  He first fell in love with the works of G&S in second grade, when, after seeing his school’s performance of The Pirates of Penzance, he went home and memorized the entire Major-General’s Song.  Now, eleven years later, he is finally singing “particularly rapid unintelligible patter” onstage!  Rylan was recently in a production of The Rocky Horror Show, and performed in Minneapolis Musical Theater’s “Minne-Musicals” festival last fall.  In his free time, Rylan loves to play the violin and piano, tap dance, and write music.  He currently teaches choir and orchestra at Lake Country School, and will be attending Oberlin College in the fall.  Rylan would like to thank Joe Andrews and Randal Buikema for casting him in the production, and for making his experience with the GSVLOC enjoyable and rewarding.  He would especially like to thank his parents for all of their support, and for putting up with his constant patter-singing back in second grade.


Laini Devin

Laini is delighted to gallivant with Gilbert and sing with Sullivan once again in Ruddigore!  A Twin Cities based actor, performance credits include: Children’s Theatre Company (20,000 Leagues), Actors Theater of Minnesota (All The Great Books), Minnesota Opera (Rigoletto), Minnesota Centennial Showboat, (Under the Gaslight), The Zephyr Theatre (Mamma Mia), Theatre in the Round (Jean Brodie), BARd Shakes (Much Ado About Nothing), Public Theatre of MN (Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It), Shadow Horse Theatre (Medea), and Cromulent Shakespeare (The Tempest).  A sometimes youth director, stage manager and undertaker of miscellaneous artistry, she has also worked with Yellow Tree Theatre, Theatre Latté Da, Four Humors, Ten Thousand Things, and Theatre Unbound.  You’ll also currently find Laini behind the scenes as the stage manager for Rape of Lucretia with An Opera Theatre, and apprenticing with the Playwrights’ Center.  Follow and @laini_beth on Instagram to see what other mischief she’s up to.


Jeff Erickson

Google defines Jeff D. Erickson as, “Did you mean: Chef de cuisine?”  Regardless, Jeff defines himself as thrilled to be returning for his fourth consecutive show with the GSVLOC, after appearing in the 2020 staging of Ruddigore, The Mikado and Princess Ida.  You may have also recently seen him in The Most Happy Fella, with Skylark Opera Theatre, Man of La Mancha and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Toymaker), with Mounds View Community Theatre, and My Fair Lady (Henry Higgins) with Morris Park Players.  In his free time, Jeff enjoys singing (obviously), playing video games more than he should, playing the piano less than he should, watching terrible reality shows, and not using his Computer Science or French degrees in any way whatsoever.  Jeff is also very flattered that you think he looks 22.


Clyde Gerber

Clyde is excited to be performing in his seventh GSVLOC show, having previously appeared in Patience ‘12, The Grand Duke ’14, Iolanthe ’16, Orpheus in the Underworld ’17, The Mikado ’19, and the cancelled Ruddigore ’20.  While he occasionally has to do a song and dance at his job as a Software Development Manager, he counts himself very fortunate to actually sing and dance with this talented cast and crew!


Alexander Gerchak

Alexander has enjoyed the privilege of working with the GSVLOC for the past six years, as both a performer, technician, and designer.  He also works as a writer and director in the Twin Cities area, having recently staged an original musical, A Bear at Minneapolis’ Phoenix Theater.  Alexander currently sits on the GSVLOC’s Board of Directors as the Men’s Chorus Representative, and is looking forward to the company’s continued success for many years to come.


Jakob Gomez

Jakob is stoked to be making his GSVLOC debut!  He’s always been described as a diva by his grandmother, so the opera stage feels right at home.  You may have seen him in other plays, like Glass Menagerie with 4C Theatre, and Mama Mia with Ashland Productions.  Jakob would like to thank his friends, for their warm words and soft hugs.


Mary Gregory

This is Mary’s fourth production of Ruddigore with the GSVLOC.  Her script is marked with notes from different directors, each of whom had ideas for making the show fun for audiences and actors alike.  Mary hopes that this production brings joy and laughter to you as you watch the director’s ideas come to life on stage.  Off stage, Mary works at Tamarack Nature Center as a Naturalist preschool teacher, helping children explore and learn through play.  She is also learning a new role as Grandmary to her grandson.  Inside Mary’s Ruddigore script is a picture drawn in 1995 by her then 4-year-old daughter.  It is a portrait of Mary, with a big heart, smiling. It shows how much she loved performing this melodramatic romp back then … and also how much she loves performing for you now, with old friends and new.


Stephen Hage

Stephen’s lifelong passion for Gilbert and Sullivan began in the eighth grade when he was cast as Sir Joseph Porter in his middle school’s production of H.M.S. Pinafore and it’s carried him through the years to this staging of Ruddigore … his fortieth appearance in a G&S production … but then, who’s counting!?  Stephen also serves the GSVLOC as its Producer.  He has performed with Artistry and as a supernumerary with Minnesota Opera and Mill City Summer Opera.  Stephen particularly enjoys the opportunities that performing in the opera provides him … to carry spears or bottles of wine, to flirt with or to menace world famous sopranos … usually in different operas … and to be killed in battle … sometimes several times in the same opera!  In addition to performing on stage, Stephen is active in the Twin Cities’ vibrant film community and has appeared in a number of feature films, short films, commercials and music videos, in roles ranging from background to supporting role to principal.  By day, he is responsible for Human Resources for the Orion Associates organization of companies, which he does with his wonderful staff of Human Resources professionals, all the while enjoying far too many cups of coffee.  Stephen dedicates this, and all that he does, to his delightful daughters, Lyndsay, Madeleine, and Maya … to his sweet son, Liam … and to his lovely and loving wife, Lara.


Shawn Holt

Shawn has been with the GSVLOC since 2007.  This is her second time doing Ruddigore.  She doesn’t want to count the 2020 staging since it opened and closed in the same weekend due to the pandemic!  Frankly, the last two years have been a Trial without the Jury and Shawn is just glad to get out of the house and do something besides shop for groceries.  “Toilet paper, or distilled water anyone?”  Anyway, she is thankful to be here singing for you all tonight.  Shawn hails from Shoreview, sharing a teeny tiny townhome (see above for reference) with her husband Phil and their eleven-year-old cat Shadow.  Their daughter, Amanda, is now a freshman in college.  Thank you for coming tonight and we hope you enjoy the show.


Kaitlin Klemencic

Kaitlin is delighted to be back onstage with the GSVLOC, having previously appeared in Princess Ida, Orpheus in the Underworld, The Gondoliers and Iolanthe.  Originally from Wisconsin, Kaitlin earned her BFA in theater arts and a secondary education degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University.  After a few years in New York City, Kaitlin returned to the Midwest where she has been working as an actress and nanny ever since.  Favorite Twin Cities roles include “Amy” in Stephen Sondheim’s Company, “The Baker’s Wife” in Into the Woods, “Carol Melkett” in Peter Schaffer’s Black Comedy, “Hermia” in Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a part of the lively ensemble in The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  Infinite amounts of love and thanks to family, friends, P, Z, the GSVLOC for another wonderful experience and to all of you fine audience members.  Welcome back to the theater!  We missed you!


Wendy Matsutani

Wendy is so excited to be back performing in the GSVLOC’s Ruddigore!  A sunny So-Cal girl at heart, Wendy completed her Bachelor of Music at UC Santa Barbara before receiving her Master of Music from the University of Minnesota.  Most recent and favorite credits include Voices United (Minnesota Opera), OperaTease (JNOC), Caught (Full Circle Theatre Company), and of course singing in The Mikado and Princess Ida with the GSVLOC.  Wendy is thrilled to be the newest Secretary on the GSVLOC Board and is full of gratitude and joy to be performing in live theatre again.  She thanks the awesome cast and crew who have made this experience so fun, and hopes you enjoy the show!


John Orbison

When John first joined the GSVLOC chorus on stage in 2006, he little thought to what a pass it would bring him, but here he is making his second appearance in Ruddigore with the GSVLOC, and he is pleased to have progressed from a defunct bishop who grumbles unintelligibly to the eldest ghost (Rupert!) who moans unintelligibly.  He hopes he is a steady brother to Jean Orbison Van Heel, GSVLOC Assistant Music Director, who lured him to the stage sixteen years ago (and his four other sisters, too), and a Good Old Man to his adult kids Tom and Ann, who have endured large doses of G&S over the years.  Following the 2009 Ruddigore, he acted upon his heart’s dictates, overcoming a diffident nature to ask Holly MacDonald, the alto chorus member (now cellist in the orchestra) with whom he had been paired onstage, out.  The nuptial knot was tied more than eleven years ago, and when he embraces his bride, he is happier than any.


Richard Rames

Richard enjoys “singing choruses in public” and has appeared in the chorus of almost every performance of the GSVLOC at the Howard Conn Fine Arts Center since the first production of Patience in 1980.  He also sings regularly in other groups, including the Saint Mark’s Cathedral Choral Society and the Heinrich Schütz Winetasting Homeschool, as well as singing along with his player piano.  This is his fourth production of Ruddigore (Well, the remount would make this his fifth production!).


Samantha Raun

Samantha is excited to be performing in her first show with the GSVLOC!  Some of her recent and/or favorite Twin Cities credits include Puffs (LaMarca Theatre), Julius Caesar, Mary Poppins, Into the Woods, and Phantom of the Opera (University of Northwestern Saint Paul).  Upcoming: The Little Mermaid (Lakeshore Players Theatre).  Samantha graduated from University of Northwestern Saint Paul with a B.A. in Theatre and a music minor and now works at her alma mater in Admissions.  In her free time, when not performing, she loves spending time with her mischievous, but well-meaning pup Kevin, listening to film scores, and convincing her friends to participate in as many game nights as time allows.  Overall, Samantha is very grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the company of Ruddigore where everyone has been so kind and welcoming.  Soli Deo gloria.


Bryan Reed

Bryan is very pleased to be joining his second production with the GSVLOC.  Locally, he has enjoyed being a part of Northfield Arts Guild productions since shortly after he and Marty moved to Northfield in 2010.  Bryan has performed in many venues and types of theater and music productions over the years.  He has worked with Actors Co-op in Los Angeles for three years, one season with Colorado Shakespeare Festival, seven seasons with Opera Colorado in the chorus and in regional theaters from Boulder, Colorado to Little Rock, Arkansas.  Bryan and Marty have a cat, Juliet, and Bryan sings to Juliet often.  While Marty reports that most such songs aren’t worthy of much note, the cat doesn’t (usually) mind – it’s practicing the violin that really gets her … Bryan encourages you to be involved in the arts however you can, wherever you are, no matter what your cat thinks.


Lowell Rice

Lowell is excited to return for the remount of Ruddigore with the GSVLOC.  This was his last show before theatre went on a long pause, and his first one back!  Gilbert and Sullivan have long held a special place in Lowell’s heart, ever since seeing The Pirates of Penzance at the age of three.  It was the first stage production he had seen, and his parents swear he sat still though the whole show!


Aaron Rolloff

Prior to Ruddigore, Aaron performed with the GSVLOC in The Mikado, Patience, and The Grand Duke, and in summer concert presentations of The Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, and The Mikado.  He has been in several plays at Theatre in the Round, most recently A View from the Bridge, and Romeo and Juliet.  Aaron plays tuba with the Saint Paul-based wind ensemble Grand Symphonic Winds, and regularly plays duets and trios with trombone and horn-playing friends.  He also has a wife, Peggy, and son, Tom, who are really cool.


Sarah Shervey

Sarah is thrilled finally to be remounting such a fantastic GSVLOC show, reprising her role as a Bridesmaid.  She splits her time in the theater world as a performer, private voice and piano teacher.  Some of Sarah’s favorite acting credits in include, Love’s Labour’s Lost the Musical (Princess), Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Shrek (Fiona), The Little Mermaid (Ariel), and The Last Five Years (Cathy).  Sarah is excited to work with this amazing cast and production staff, but even more excited to watch her incredibly talented and equally hilarious husband shine as Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd.  Feel free to laugh out loud and enjoy!


Molly Shields

Molly is delighted to be working with the GSVLOC for the second time after a ten-year hiatus!  Previously with the GSVLOC, she appeared as Kate in The Pirates of Penzance.  Although she misses the antics of the Modern Major General, she has quickly fallen in love with the music of Ruddigore and it’s equally formidable tongue twisting feats!  Other past favorite shows include The Man of La Mancha, Chicago, and The Light in the Piazza.  Prior to life in the Twin Cities, you would have seen Molly bustling around the small yet vibrant state of Connecticut where she played her two favorite roles of Anita in West Side Story and Fruma Sarah in Fiddler on the Roof.  Special thanks to Stephen and Lara for reaching out with this special opportunity!


Rhea Sullivan

2022 marks 40 years in the GSVLOC for Rhea and her third production of Ruddigore.  She met her husband, Steve, in the company “back in the day” and they celebrated a “Gilbert and Sullivan” wedding, complete with a costumed chorus, in June of 1984.  Their daughter, Brianna, has been Assistant Stage Manager to the company for many years.  Their son, Jack, did not inherit the family love of G&S, but Rhea is hopeful that her theatrical granddaughter, Autumn (almost 3), will share this affinity.  Rhea is retired from a career working as a Neighborhood Coordinator in Minneapolis and an Account Executive for state and national associations.  When she’s not singing, she enjoys water aerobics, needlepoint and babysitting her granddaughter, Autumn.


Josh Weisenburger

Josh is thrilled to be working with the GSVLOC for the very first time!  He must admit that the world of light opera has, until recently, been a mystery to him, but has greatly enjoyed the work of Gilbert and Sullivan’s spiritual successors – Rakim & Eric B., Eminem, MF Doom, and Kendrick Lamar, among others.  When not on the stage, Josh works a full-time job, studies voice, practices his guitar, bass, and cello, rock climbs, and somehow finds time to fit in a bad pun or two.  He hopes to accomplish some of his life goals this year; spending significant time in another American state, releasing his first batch of original music, and uncovering the picture of his fifteen-year-old self he has sworn to destroy.  Josh’s recent credits include Lyle in Footloose (Artistry Theater), He in The Charm (Minneapolis Musical Theater), Conrade in Much Ado about Nothing (Classical Actors Ensemble), and Lord Cheiny and others in Arden of Faversham (Classical Actors Ensemble).  He would like to thank his family for their continued support, his friends for their unceasing affection, and Paul for being an excellent “overstudy.”