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COVID-19 Health Status

On this page you can upload your COVID-19  tests.

Enter your email and click “Get Member Info”.  The rest of the fields will be filled in. 

You can then select the nature of the task to perform. 

Select the date of the test.

Select “scheduled” or “unscheduled” test from the drop-down.

You must select the nature of your entry.  You can upload a formal PCR test result or an Antigen Test

Now push the “Choose File” button for the test image you want to upload. 

If you are submitting an unscheduled test, you must then select the “test reason”: possible exposure, symptoms, previous positive test, Short notice/cover, and “other”  are available. 

If your test is positive, click “Yes” and notify your Covid Saftey Officer.

When you are ready click “Submit” and your files will be uploaded to the company storage and notify your Covid Saftety Officer.

If you have problems with using this page, please contact Wally at:  waldynb@gmail.com

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