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Ticket and Streaming Link Ordering for The McAdo

Welcome to the online ticket purchase process for the cast and crew of The McAdo
  > See Tickets page for price and ordering options.
The process you will follow will be the same as a patron buying tickets on-line. The difference will be that you will not be charged a fee.  Please do not give this page to friends and family to order tickets.  You may purchase the tickets for them but do not direct them to this page.
All tickets you order will be held at the theater.  Please use the “Seating Requests” to indicate who will pick up the tickets.
Once most of the tickets for a performance have been sold, that performance will not be available for online purchase.  It will not appear in the list of available performances below.
Once you have completed the form click the “Continue” button  to move on to examine your cart and make the payment.
Ticket Sales are Final.  If you contact us early, we will do what we can to accommodate changes in plans and unforeseen circumstances.
Please fill in the last box with any special seating requests or other messages.  For example, you could ask  our ticket manager for a special arrangement to pick up your tickets.  Normally, tickets are held for patrons at the door, that is, the theater lobby.
All attendees must follow the audience Covid-19 protocol.  It is repeated below.  Make sure anyone for whom you buy tickets knows and follows it.
COVID-19 Requirements for Audience Members
  Masking Required:  All audience members must mask for matinee performances. While Covid levels remain at medium to low risk, you are encouraged but not required, to wear a mask during evening performances.
  Please see our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan for more information.
Last Name
Street Address
State (two-letter code) Zip Code
Show Data\Time
Number of Adult tickets
Number of Child Tickets
Donor Names as you want them to appear
Seating Requests, Special information, or message
How did you hear about us?
Click the "Continue" button to continue to the verification page and payment