Summer Show 2016 – The Mikado

Yes, the “Summer Show” is upon us again! We do a concert version of a G&S hit with the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. This year we are doing The Mikado.

The show must finish in 1 hr. 40 min., including T-shirt sales. That means the show will be cut — mercilessly, randomly.

The chorus does not audition. It is open to anyone who has actually sung, as chorus or principal, in a spring production. The chorus is also open to anyone else who can sing, up to a limit. Please, check with me, Waldyn, before inviting someone. The chorus stands on risers and sings vaguely into microphones, holding scores.

It is a truly field-condition environment.  Jets coast overhead toward landing in the airport. Stunned teenagers wander by, asking what happened to the Metallica concert. This year they can buy wine and beer in the park. And it’s hot. On the positive side, Jere Lantz is great conductor, and the Minneapolis Pops is a wonderful orchestra. And you get to do an outdoor performance to a huge, appreciative, non-paying, audience. We start and finish in one month’s time with six rehearsals. It’s great. Ask the vets.

Signing up for chorus:

I really want to know if you would like to sing in the chorus of the summer show.  I also want to know if you will be inviting someone who has not sung in the spring show. Email me:

Chorus rehearsals:

at Lake Harriet United Methodist (4901 Chowen Avenue South in Minneapolis ).

By ourselves to learn notes:

Monday June 27 @ 7:30   and  Thursdays June 16, 23, 30 7:30 

With Jere:

Monday July 11, 7:30,  Thursday July 14, 7:30 at Lake Harriet United Methodist.

Dress rehearsal Saturday July 16, 9:30 AM, at the Music Hall of Augsburg College, 2200 S 7 1/2 St., Minneapolis (Corner for 22nd Ave. and 7 1/2 St.)

View Map to Augsburg


Saturday, July 16, 7:30, Sunday July 17, 5:30


Auditions have been held. 

Here is the casting of the named parts.

Yum Yum Sarah Wind Richens
Pitti Sing Maggie Burr
Peep Bo Sarah Mehle
Katisha Deb Haas
Nanki Poo           Eric Mellum
PIsh Tush Tom Berg
Ko Ko Felix Aguilar Tomlinson
Pooh Bah Waldyn Benbenek
MIkado Christopher Michaela

Principal rehearsals:

By ourselves to get used to the books, the music stands, and living for microphones, at Lake Harriet Methodist:

Wednesday June 22, Tuesday June 28, 7:30

With Jere:

Tuesday July 12, Thursday July14, 7:30

Saturday Morning July 16  9:30 AM, at the Music Hall of Augsburg College, 2200 S 7 1/2 St., Minneapolis (Corner for 22nd Ave. and 7 1/2 St.)

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Performance:  Lake Harriet Band Shell and Snack Bar

Saturday July 16, 7:30 pm, Sunday July 17, 5:30, call is 30 minutes before each show (7:00 Saturday, 5:00 Sunday).  I will ask for volunteers to help set up 1 hour before each show.

Contact me (Waldyn Benbenek):

612-384-9823 (c), 651-635-7652(W), 612-377-7909(H),