Pinafore Cast and Crew Survey

The 2015 Production Evaluation Survey for

H.M.S. Pinafore

Unscientific - Anonymous - Non-Binding - But fun, nevertheless!

Name (Optional): 

If no name, please check:    Principal: Chorus:    Orchestra: Staff: 

1. How did you feel about the number of rehearsals, use of rehearsal time, etc.?

2. How did you feel about the set, costumes, props, lights, make-up, and the process of getting them together. How did you feel about work crew assignments for the variety of tasks involved in the production and during the run?

3. How did you feel about the Stage and Music Directors, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Staff, Lighting Designer, Producer, other Board members, and other people involved in the production. You might discuss musical and artistic interpretation, clarity of production, stage movement, how information was communicated to the cast, organization, etc.

4. What did you enjoy most about Pinafore?

5. What did you enjoy least about Pinafore ?

6. How did you feel about your experience working with this company?

What might have made that experience better?

7. How did you feel about the number of performances? This year we did 14 performances with one Saturday matinee.   Sometimes we do fewer (12, with no Saturday matinees). Usually we do 13 with one Saturday mantinee. Assuming that you intend to be with us for future productions, what would be your preference? Please check one:

I would prefer the higher number of performances (14 or more) in the future.

I would like the usual number of performances (13) in the future.

I would prefer fewer performances (12 or fewer) in the future.


8. How likely are you to be in (or audition for) Iolanthe, our Spring 2016 production?

9. What changes would you suggest for future productions?

10.  Help and Involvement

GSVLOC depends on the volunteer efforts of many people, year round, to mount its productions and maintain the company.  Each member of the board has a realm of tasks assigned. (Click here for a description of the board positions.)  Each member picks up other responsibilities as the need arises.  Other people fill in other tasks during the year.  This is seldom more than eight hours a month.  We are looking for people to help all the time.  Please indicate if you would be willing to:

run for a board position.

help out in other ways during the year.

work on the 'Iolanthe' production next year.


11. Additional comments?

Thank you!