Cast and Crew Online Ticket Order Page for Princess Ida

Welcome to the online ticket purchase process for the cast and crew of Princess Ida.  The process you will follow will be the same as a patron buying tickets on-line. The difference will be that you will not be charged a fee.  Please do not give this page to friends and family to order tickets.  You may purchase the tickets for them but do not direct them to this page.

To reserve comp tickets click the “Complimentary Ticket Reservation” item in the menu to your left.

As a first step in the process, please fill out the form below.

Your email address is important because that is how you will receive confirmation of your order.

The phone number is important should anything go wrong in processing your order.

Please fill in the last box with any special seating requests or other messages.  For example, you could ask Trina Morrison, our ticket manager, for a special arrangement to pick up your tickets.  Normally, tickets are held for patrons at the door, that is, the theater lobby.

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