The Gondoliers ’17

Sung to the tune of “I Am a Courtier”
          The quintet from Act II
Written by Jim Ahrens
Performed by Doug Freeman, Steven Halloin, Eric Sorum, Mary Gregory and Brooke Wahlstrom


Now that you are sitting in the theatre
Everyone should know just what to do!
Turn your smartphone off, or set to “vibrate”,
And with applications be all through!

Marco and Guiseppi:

Turn your smartphone off, or set to “vibrate”,
With applications be all through!


Don’t check Facebook,
Don’t check Snapchat,
Don’t do anything with that phone!

Duchess and Casilda:

We cannot see those bright screens start flashing,
Or to your seats we’ll send ushers dashing!


This is the only way, the only way
We can all enjoy the show.

2017 You Tube Video Capture Here (when available)